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Latino Daily News

Monday August 30, 2010

Trapped Chilean Miner asks Sweetheart to get Married in Big Church Ceremony

Esteban Rojas asked for his sweetheart Jessica Ganiez’s hand in marriage from half a mile underground. Rojas (44) and Ganiez (43) have been together for 25 years, raised three children and even have two grandchildren together. The issue is that Ganiez never got the big traditional Catholic wedding as is customary in Chile. They were legally married in a civil ceremony years ago, but it just wasn’t the same. They had spoken of a church wedding over the years but Rojas never asked and Ganiez gave up hoping. But he sent a note through the grapefruit sized tunnel used for sending down supplies from clean underwear to IPods. And it said, “When I get out, let’s buy the dress and we’ll get married.”

Ganiez was a little nervous on Sunday as she had her 20 seconds to speak with Rojas, for fear that the word “Wedding” might not be able to come out of Rojas mouth.

“I was worried he might not mention it again,” Ganiez told CNN. “But he said we should get married in church. He’d asked me if I’ve already chosen the dress.” Ganiez managed to use her few seconds to tell Rojas the answer was yes.

A registry has already been set up, as Ganiez makes plans for likely a Christmas Wedding.