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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 16, 2010

Train Crash in Mexico Leaves 11 Dead, Most Undocumented Migrants

Mechanical failure is being blamed for several freight trains crashing in Sinaloa, Mexico last night leaving 11 dead and several injured.  The crash occurred around 2:00 am in the morning in a rail yard that is typically empty at this time of night.  Illegal immigrants from Central and South America were hiding out on one of the trains when the accident happened and were the majority of the dead.  Several railroad employees were injured and a mechanic was killed. 

A rail car loaded with corn was coming into the rail yard when its brakes failed colliding into two stationary trains; a fire ensued ravaging both trains.  It is estimated that as many as 500,000 people annually attempt to enter the U.S. illegally using Mexican freight trains. 


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