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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 30, 2013

TRAGEDY: Colombian Immigrant in Georgia Shot When GPS Sends Them Down Wrong Driveway

TRAGEDY: Colombian Immigrant in Georgia Shot When GPS Sends Them Down Wrong Driveway

Photo: Rodrigo Abad Diaz shot in the head by Phillip Walker Sailors, questions remain

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A 22-year-old Colombian immigrant in Georgia was shot and killed over the weekend after a GPS unit gave him incorrect directions and sent him and his passengers down the wrong driveway.

On Saturday, Rodrigo Abad Diaz and three of his friends were following their GPS’s directions to a friend’s house in Lilburn, Ga.. The group was on their way to go ice skating when the GPS unit sent them down the driveway of 69-year-old veteran and former missionary Phillip Walker Sailors.

The group said they waited in the driveway for a few minutes, expecting their friend to come out, when Sailors emerged from his home with a gun and fired into the air.

One of the passengers said Diaz was turning the car around to leave when Sailors, who said nothing to the group before he began shooting, fired at Diaz. The bullet from Sailors’ .22 caliber pistol hit Diaz on the left side of his head.

Sailors reportedly held the others in the car at gunpoint until police officers arrived. Diaz was found slumped over with blood covering his face and struggling to breathe. He later died at the hospital after surgery was unable to save him.

Sailors was arrested on Sunday and charged with malice murder. His family and friends say Sailors only opened fire because he feared for his life after he and his wife, who was home at the time of the shooting, had heard about the recent robbery of a neighbor.

The former missionary claims he fired at Diaz because Diaz, who was behind the wheel of the car, accelerated and tried to run him over. Police reports, however, have clarified that Diaz was not driving the car towards Sailors and was in fact, moving in the opposite direction down the driveway, away from the Sailors’ home.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sailors on Thursday. He is currently being held at Gwinnett County jail without bond.