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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 17, 2012

TRAGEDY: Arizona Boy Dies After TV Set Falls on Him

TRAGEDY: Arizona Boy Dies After TV Set Falls on Him

Photo: TRAGEDY: Arizona Boy Dies After TV Set Falls on Him

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A boy in Arizona is dead after a television set weighing approximately 165 pounds fell on top of him.

On Monday afternoon, 5-year-old Isaiah Hernandez was watching television when he decided to change the channel. The 46-inch television was said to have been larger than the stand on which it was sitting.

Phoenix police say the family went to check on the boy and that is when they found him crushed under the television. Isaiah’s mother told police the remote had recently gone missing so the channel had to be changed on the set itself.

Family attempted to resuscitate him with CPR, but the boy was pronounced dead when he arrived at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Isaiah often watched TV while sitting on the floor in front of it.

The family has set up an account at Wells Fargo to help with funeral expenses. The account number is 1690938699 and donations can be made to the Isaiah Hernandez Memorial account.

Police are urging parents and those in homes with children to properly secure large, top-heavy items to prevent tragedies such as this.

While the investigation is ongoing, police say the television was only 2 feet off the ground and the unit falling was likely not the cause of death. The weight of the television on top of the boy was more likely the cause.

The adults in the home said they went to check on him after realizing they had not heard from him in 2 hours.