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Latino Daily News

Friday February 11, 2011

Toyota Has Latinos and Renewed Confidence to Thank For Increase in Sales

Until recently, Toyota was struggling, but things are looking up for the car company if the success of dealerships in the Rio Grande Valley are any indication.

Toyota’s January sales for the South Texas area jumped a whopping 91.9 percent from the same time last year, and nationally, 23.7 percent.

RGV dealers sold 307 vehicles last month, compared to 2010’s 160, and December’s sales were a big factor in the year’s performance said the manager of Frank Smith Toyota, Ronnie Bernal. Smith Toyota is located in Texas’ RGV. Bernal said the company’s ‘Toyotathon’ event really helped increase sales.

And though Toyota tends to have the best incentives at the end of reach year, this time around, the incentives were continued through January and even increased by around $500 for the most popular models.

Bernal added, “The word on the street is because of violence in Mexico, Mexican nationals are moving to the Valley and bringing business. We’re certainly seeing more Mexican nationals buying cars.”

Aside from the recession, people were not buying Toyotas as frequently, as some lost confidence in the brand after a number of safety complaints and recalls began in 2009.

Tuesday, it was announced by the federal Transportation Department that no electronic problems were found in the vehicles.

Bernal said the