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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 3, 2013

Town Hall in Central Mexico Burned After Teen Gunned Down by Police

Town Hall in Central Mexico Burned After Teen Gunned Down by Police

Photo: Huehuetoca city hall

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Residents of the central Mexican town of Huehuetoca attacked and burned the city hall of that municipality early Saturday, hours after a 14-year-old youth was killed by gunshots allegedly fired by municipal police, local media reported Saturday.

When questioned by Efe, neither the Mexico state Attorney General’s Office, nor the State Security Agency, nor ASE, provided any details of what happened, which in turn led to an investigation that is now underway.

Local media said in their online editions that in the early hours Saturday, at around 2:00 a.m., a fight among young people at a dance in the town brought municipal agents on the scene to try and arrest the culprits.

The local cops apparently fired on the youths, killing one unidentified 14-year-old and wounding another person age 34.

After the shooting, locals set fire to the town hall, overturned two patrol cars and seized several cops and tried to lynch them.

The daily El Universal said that some 400 people clashed with police and that some government offices were burned.

State police agents arrested “three individuals for their presumed responsibility for the death of the minor,” the daily Reforma said, but state authorities have not confirmed the story.

Located north of Mexico City, the municipality is in the Valley of Mexico and has around 100,000 inhabitants.


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