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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 31, 2012

Top-Quality Tequila From Mexico Seeing a Surge

Top-Quality Tequila From Mexico Seeing a Surge

Photo: Top-Quality Tequila From Mexico Seeing a Surge

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A distilleries in Mexico have reportedly seen a noticeable increase in those looking for high-quality tequila.

Sangre de Aztec in Jalisco produces about 9,000 bottles of “real…100 percent agave” tequila per day.

The demand for high-end tequila from Mexico is increasing as distilleries find new markets for the alcohol. Today’s hipsters and young professionals in Guadalajara and Mexico City appear to more interested in tequila than those in that demographic formerly were.

For years tequila had been for the elite, with agave spirits reserved for royalty during the time of the ancient Aztecs. Commoners would partake in the agave-based drinks on special occasions. Though, in recent decades, tequila went from being the drink of the elite to that of the working class.

This would appear to be changing however, as both older and younger adult drinkers are finding the new, more refined tequila appealing.

Tequila producers have improved their agave distilling process while also becoming more aware of how to promote their product to a wider audience.