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Latino Daily News

Friday August 24, 2012

Top Latino Pizza Chain, Pizza Patron, Coming to Chicago

Top Latino Pizza Chain, Pizza Patron, Coming to Chicago

Photo: Pizza Patron Coming to Chicago

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Pizza Patron, also known as Pizza Boss for the Hispanic community has announced its first Chicago-area location according to Crain’s

Pizza Patron was launched in 1986 with the intent of becoming ‘the’ pizza place for the Hispanic community. ‘We basically took a product that was widely consumed and brought it to the Hispanic markets,’ says founder and CEO Antonio Swad.

Pizza Patron will open up shop in the southwest suburb of Cicero that enjoys a large Latino community. 

Sales ploys from accepting pesos to free giveaways if you order in Spanish have made Pizza Patron the nation’s leading Latino pizza brand.  It currently operates franchises in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Texas – all states that have large Latino populations. 

The company unabashedly markets to and for the Latino consumer and scouts locations where there are large concentration of Latinos.  Its ‘Mas Pizza’ menu features pizzas with Spanish titles such as ‘La Patrona’, ‘La Mexicana’ or ‘La de Carnes’.