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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Top 10 Companies for Latinos According to DiversityInc Magazine

DiversityInc Magazine has once again published its Top 10 Companies for Latinos.  DiversityInc looks selects companies that consistently recruit, retain and promote its Latino employes.  They look for businesses that have active Latino employee-resourcing and have solid cross-cultural mentoring programs.

This year’s lists is:

1) Colgate-Palmolive Co. (20% of Board is Latino)
2) Kaiser Permanente (14.3% of Board is Latino)
3) Sodexo (Top cross-cultural mentoring programs)
4) Automatic Date Processing (Supports Latinos philanthropically)
5) Procter & Gamble (Has very involved Latino employee-resource group for over 10 yrs)
6) AT&T (Very involved in trying to reduce Latino high school drop out rates)
7) JC Penney (A pioneer in cultural-competency issues)
8) Deloitte (Excellent management demographics)
9) PG&E Corp.  (Has strong Latino employee-resource group)
10) Ernst & Young (Has strong cross-cultural mentoring program)