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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 14, 2010

Too Close for Comfort – Cuba’s Deepwater Drilling

60 miles away, less than an hour boat ride from the Florida coast, Cuba is preparing to do some deepwater drilling of its own.  If the United States, British Petroleum and Admiral Thad Allen can’t figure out how to stem a U.S. leak it is unknown what it can and will do if there ‘s an accident caused by an unfriendly neighbor.

Cuba has lacked the know how and money to drill for oil off of its shores but with the help of Reposi, a Spanish consortium, it can now do so.  This will be the second such well Reposi drills in Cuban waters but this is the closest to U.S. boundaries.  Experts predict that if such a well were to become problematic it would soon become a U.S. problem.  Due to the long-standing U.S.-Cuban embargo no U.S. drilling company is allowed to offer its expertise to Cuba on any matters.

Cuba appears very committed as do offshore drilling with various foreign partners helping out.  It has entered into at least seven other such drilling agreements with foreign countries.  Neighbor Be Warned.


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