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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 3, 2012

Tomb of Incan Emperor Found in Ecuador

The location of the tomb of the last Incan emperor, Athahualpa, could possibly be in Ecuador.  Ruins discovered are believed to be the lost tomb found by Ecuadoran historian Tamara Estupinan. 

Athahualpa was the last of his dynasty but was kidnapped in what is now Cajamarca, Peru.

The Spanish attempted to coerce Athahualpa into converting to Christianity but when he was refused they strangled him to death. His death in 1533 signaled the end of the Incan Empire.

The site was first discovered in June of 2012, when Estupinan found an “Inca archeological site” high in the Andes.

The area, called Sigchos, is where the historian found the complex of walls, aqueducts, and stonework.  “This is a late imperial design Inca monument that leads to several rectangular rooms that were built with cut polished stone set around a trapezoidal plaza,” Estupinan said.