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Latino Daily News

Friday July 23, 2010


• ACCIDENTS: Thirteen people and one adult were injured in Ensenada, Mexico when a church collapsed

• CRIME:  Fifteen people were killed in Chihuahua, eight of which were gunmen fighting federal police during a surprise raid on a drug-trafficking hub.  More than 100 troops raided the drug operation in El Cable de la Simona, a rural part of this northern state in Mexico

• CRIME:  Three charred bodies were located on a highway in Chihuahua.  No identifications are available at this time.

• CRIME:  Four people were found dead in Ciudad Juarez in separate incidents.  In the most horrific, a woman was thrown from a moving vehicle and shot to death, the incident was tied to rival drug cartel activities.  More than 5,000 people alone have died in Juarez this year.


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