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Latino Daily News

Friday July 23, 2010


• CRIME: The government of President Alvaro Colom announced the use of soldiers in fighting street crime.  The country’s defense ministry will now work with local police forces on combating violent gangs.  Initially 500 soldiers will be deployed.  The President is responding to the upsurge in violent crime that has put fear in most of Guatemala, where on average 17 people are killed daily from a violent crime.

• NATURAL DISASTER:  At least five people perished outside of the capital city of Guatemala City due to a landslide.  The victims all residents of Tierra Nueva were killed when loose ground gave way to foot traffic in the area after heavy rain.

• ENVIRONMENTAL:  More than 30 sea turtles have been found on the southern coast of the country most were asphysiated from illegal fishing nets.  By law fishing nets must meet certain standards to ensure the safety of the endangered sea turtles.  The turtles are under siege due to poaching and over-harvesting of their eggs.


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