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Saturday January 7, 2012

To Win 2012 Presidency the GOP Needs to Think Outside of the Box the same way Jon Huntsman Does

To Win 2012 Presidency the GOP Needs to Think Outside of the Box the same way Jon Huntsman Does

Photo: Jon Huntsman

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What has happened to the party of Lincoln and Reagan? It has lost its way and if does not start thinking strategically, it will become the minority party for many years to come.

Let’s start with the current presidential candidate crop. They are all vying for being the “most conservative” of the lot. However, do they really know the meaning of “conservative”? It is likely that they don’t.

This country was built on compromise, which is another dirty word in present day politics. However, the inability to reach across the aisle and do what is right for America has been lost. Both major parties are to blame. Rhetoric has become poisonous and demagoguery is the order of the day.

We have lacked statesmanship for a long time and the nation knows it. Herein is an opportunity for the GOP if they could only stop trying to see who is the most conservative and who can find scapegoats to fry. Romney picked on undocumented children to attack and that will come back to haunt him and the GOP. The Latino vote does count and in elections every vote counts. Just remember that the Iowa caucuses were won by a mere 8 votes. The GOP needs serious lessons in electoral college mathematics if it allows the noxious rhetoric against unauthorized immigration to continue, particularly the DREAMers.

The GOP should look at finding a nominee who can be a unifying force. Someone who will do what is best for America and not just a party. Someone who understands the precepts of justice and compassion – a person who has business acumen and can lead this country with its best foot forward.

That candidate is not Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. The one that fits this profile is Jon Huntsman. He is an out of the box Republican and that is who is needed to successfully defeat Obama.

Like Romney, Huntsman is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Unlike Romney, Huntsman has diplomatic experience and has championed instate tuition for undocumented students during his tenure as Utah Governor. Huntsman is most definitely the Republican candidate who is most outside of the box and that is what Republicans will need to beat President Obama on November 2012.

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