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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 27, 2014

Thousands Protest in Mexico City Against New Law that Could Limit Freedom of Expression

Thousands of people formed a human chain this weekend in Mexico City to protest a telecommunications bill that critics contend could limit freedom of expression.

Opposition grassroots and political organizations staged the demonstration on Saturday.

Organizers had planned to start the human chain at the entrance to the Los Pinos presidential residence, but police kept the protesters back.

Congress is examining legislation that would implement a constitutional reform approved in June 2013.

Lawmakers are expected to debate the bill in June.

The legislation “betrays in its most important points” the constitutional reforms championed by President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration last year, Sen. Javier Corral, who participated in the human chain, said.

Peña Nieto must respect constitutional principles and “promote social needs” in the telecommunications industry, Corral, a member of the conservative National Action Party, or PAN, said during the rally that followed the protest.

Critics contend that the bill gives the government greater control over the content of radio and television programming, as well as a greater say in what people post on the Internet.

Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, one of Mexico’s most important leftist leaders, and human rights activist Javier Sicilia participated in the protest.


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