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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 26, 2011

Thousands Infected with Dengue in Paraguay and Bolivia, Deaths on Rise

Thousands Infected with Dengue in Paraguay and Bolivia, Deaths on Rise

Photo: Dengue Fever Transmission

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There are 18 confirmed deaths from Dengue in Paraguay and 20 confirmed deaths in Bolivia.

Dengue is transmitted by the mosquito and causes high fever, headaches, fainting, vomiting, and skin eruptions.

Paraguay is reporting 2500 infected where 1300 have been hospitalized. “In previous years we never had so many people hospitalized,” said Ivan Allende head of the Sanitary Vigilance Department in Asuncion. The mosquito larvae will die off with zero temperatures. “Until then we must insist people must collaborate watching out for stagnant water in bottles, old tires, and flower pots and obviously in toilets and sewage”.

Bolivia reports their infected total at 1670 but in the east of the country, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, bordering with Brazil and Paraguay, the area has been declared under “sanitary emergency”.
“We’ve registered a peak in the epidemics this year compared to 2010, which was quite mild compared to the record year of 2009 with 22 dengue deaths and 50.000 infections with the disease”, said Bolivian Health minister Nilda Heredia.

Nevertheless there is concern “since we believe a new strain of the disease has entered Bolivia from Brazil. This strain is different to the one from the two previous years and is more aggressive”, said Ms Heredia.