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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 5, 2010

Those with Higher than Average Hispanic Populations Top Least ‘Brainy’ Cities List

Portfolio.com devised a formula to rate the brainpower of U.S. metropolitan areas focusing on America’s 200 largest metro areas and has announced its findings of the brainiest and least brainy cities in the country.

They established scores for five levels of educational attainment, based on the relative earning power of adult workers (25 or older).  They also measured high-school dropout rates for the studied metro areas.

Five least brainy cities are concentrated west of Mississippi and tended to have higher than average Hispanic populations.  The report did not correlate demographics to their brainy ranking or give any weight to population statistics just to educational levels attained in the area. 

The least brainy cities are: 

1) Merced, California with a 41.4 % Hispanic population versus the national average of 12.5%

2) McAllen-Edinburg, Texas has the 15th largest Hispanic population in U.S. representing 88.3% of the city’s population

3) Brownsville, Texas where Hispanic’s represent 91.28% of the population;

4) Visalia, California part of California’s agricultural valley with 40% of its population being Hispanic; and

5) Bakersfield, California also part of the state’s agricultural valley has 32.45% of its population being Hispanic.

Portfolio.com listed San Francisco as the city with most college degrees and the brainiest cities are Boulder, Colorado (8.9% Hispanic population) and Ann Arbor, Michigan (3% Hispanic population) taking the top stops.