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Latino Daily News

Monday December 20, 2010

THIS WEEK:  Largest Marijuana Bust in Chicagoland History and It Came via Train

Federal marijuana distribution conspiracy charges were filed late this week against seven defendants arrested during what is believed to be the largest seizure ever of marijuana in the Chicago area - conservatively estimated at about 21,800 pounds, or nearly 11 tons. The drugs were packed into six railroad cars from Mexico that arrived at a warehouse in south suburban Chicago Heights earlier this month. The marijuana is estimated to have a value of about $22 million.

According to a 74-page affidavit border patrol officers in Eagle Pass, Texas, discovered that a Union Pacific train bound for Chicago Heights was carrying about 21,800 pounds of suspected marijuana and a month-long investigation ensued.  The arrests and seizure followed this investigation using court-authorized wiretaps to intercept numerous telephone conversations in which several defendants discussed unloading, transporting and distributing the marijuana.

The marijuana distribution conspiracy carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and a maximum of life imprisonment and a $4 million fine.