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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 13, 2011

Third Largest Bungee Jump in the World Is In Cusco, Perú (VIDEO)

At little over 400 feet, it is the tallest Bungee jumping site in South America and it is located ten minutes away from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

For $59, the guys at Action Valley Park in Cusco, take customers inside a cage-like elevator that gets 400 feet above ground. From there, customers get to watch the vastness of the gorgeous Andean landscape, and then jump off, secured solely by two elastic bands tied to their feet.

Other attractions include a “Slingshot,” a high drop swing, climbing walls, rappel, and more.

“Our safety standards meet the international safety standards for these sports. Our staff is trained and certified in first aid and rescue operations. And our equipment is checked daily,” states their website.  These claims are suported by a record of zero accidents in over 10,000 jumps.

For an extra $9, the park offers a film and photo service, so backpackers can brag about it, back home. Ask Cameron Díaz about it!