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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 24, 2011

‘There’s a Benedict Arnold Feeling’ Latinos Say of Senator Rubio’s No Vote for the Dream Act

‘There’s a Benedict Arnold Feeling’ Latinos Say of Senator Rubio’s No Vote for the Dream Act

Photo: Rubio Will Vote NO on DREAM Act

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Many in the Latino community and its leadership are still reeling from Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s stance on the DREAM Act – which is a no vote.  The Cuban-American senator, is only one of two Hispanics in the senate and the son of Cuban immigrant-exiles. 

Rubio now has defined his position on immigration - no amnesty, no DREAM Act with ramped up workplace enforcement and border security – twice.  Once on a Spanish-language TV interview and the other with Politico.

‘There’s a Benedict Arnold feeling,’ said Jorge Mursuli, a Cuban immigrant and executive director of Miami-based Democracia, a Hispanic civic engagement group. ‘Having known him, his political career and knowing where he comes from — a hardworking immigrant family — one has to wonder what it is that he’s thinking or how his political ambitions outweigh his life experiences. ... It’s not only disappointing; it’s disheartening and, frankly, almost unbelievable.’

Some feel he is letting political ambition guide his stance on immigration, since he was more of a moderate during his state house tenure.  Others correctly point out he was never that warm and fuzz on the issue of immigration and smartly tried to avoid the issue during the election.  And for others he has always been a Tea party darling and in line with their value system which is not pro-immigrant.

‘To be against comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship and against the DREAM Act defines you in the Latino immigrant community as a hard-liner and an enemy of the community,’ said Frank Sharry, founder and executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration advocacy group.