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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 16, 2011

The W Hotel in Santiago Under Siege by Justin Bieber Fans – WATCH (VIDEO)

The Bieber fever that is spreading throughout Latin America has not seemed to die down.  This past Friday the Bieber was suppose to arrive in Chile to continue his “My World” tour throughout the region.

Chilean fans started gathering outside of his hotel, The W Hotel in Santiago hoping to get a glance of him.  Things got so out of control that Chilean officials urged Bieber not to come in the front door fearful of a stampede and instead gave him permission to land on the roof via helicopter. 

Bieber performed yesterday at the Estadio Nacional without incident.  The ‘Bieber Fever Chile’ fan club has over 80,000 fans which are organizing a gift basket for him and his crew with things representative of the country.

God only knows what type of send off Latin America will give the singer. 

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