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Latino Daily News

Friday April 15, 2011

The Sheriff Arpaio Circus Continues Despite His Legal Issues

The Sheriff Arpaio Circus Continues Despite His Legal Issues

Photo: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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Media monger, Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, is making headlines once more, but this time, he probably doesn’t like it. The controversial sheriff is accused of misusing nearly $100 million in funds, but despite all this, he continues his “war” on immigration.

A federal audit of his budget found that millions of dollars has been misspent, though Arpaio maintains that any discrepancies are a result of accounting errors.

“This is just another controversial program that I don’t think is controversial,” said Arpaio, who accuses his critics of trying to exploit simple errors.

And rather than attend the budget hearing on Wednesday, the do-as-he-pleases sheriff arrived at Monte Carlo Dry Cleaners in Mesa where his deputies arrested six women accused of using false identification to obtain jobs. As per usual, the media was called to witness the event. During the spectacle, Arpaio declared that this was the 44th business he had raided in his search for undocumented immigrants, stating, “We’re creating vacancies so these businesses can hire people legally. I’ve just done something for the economy. I don’t get enough credit for that, from the Justice Department and the rest of the critics. They just think it’s the bad sheriff going in and grabbing dishwashers.”

Customers at the dry cleaners at the time both applauded and were disgusted with Mr. Arpaio. A man wanting to drop off shirts said, “If they were in the country illegally, they need to get out of here.” On the other side, waiting for the sheriff and his circus to leave, was another unnamed patron, who said, “We’re tired of Sheriff Joe. These workers were supporting their families. They weren’t violent. This is ridiculous.”

Back in the courtroom, investigators were trying to determine whether Arpaio’s new air force or “air posse” of 30 private planes was funded by the allegedly misspent $99 million.

During a recent interview in his office, the self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America” told the New York Times,” “The president may have a no-fly zone over Libya, but there will never be a no-fly zone over my area,” he said, pausing for a moment and then adding, “That’s a good line, isn’t it?”


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