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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 29, 2012

The Rubio Watch:  Grandfather Almost Deported

The Rubio Watch:  Grandfather Almost Deported

Photo: The Marco Rubio Watch

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Florida Senator and possible Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, finds himself defending his family’s history yet again as reports break about his maternal grandfather’s immigration to the United States. 

In a report by the Associated Press, Rubio’s maternal grandfather, Pedro Victor García, originally arrived in the United States after fleeing the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, three years before Castro’s regime began in 1959.  Two weeks after Castro took power; García returned to his home country with high hopes for Fidel Castro yet soon realized that Cuba was turning into a communist country under his rule.  As a result, García fled Cuba for the United States in the summer of 1962. 

Although several of the original reports are incomplete on all the details of García’s immigration, the Associated Press reported that on October 4, 1962, García received orders from an immigration officer to “be excluded and deported from the United States.”  Yet this never happened as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was later followed by the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act.  This act allowed exiles such as García, legal residency in the United States.

Although the Florida Senator has been criticized by many in the Latin American community for his conservative viewpoint and more specifically his opposition to the proposed DREAM Act, his alternative plan for military or college bound immigrants has gained some supporters.  In a statement to McClatchy Newspapers, Rubio said, “These kids are trying to get right what their parents got wrong.  No one’s making the argument that these kids have a legal right to be here.  They don’t have a legal claim.  I would make the argument, however, that they have a claim on our conscience.”

Rubio is currently working on an autobiography entitled, “An American Son: A Memoir.”  Its publication is scheduled for June.  An unauthorized biography of the Florida Senator scheduled to come out around the same time written by Washington Post writer Manuel Roig-Franzia will be entitled, “The Rise of Marco Rubio.”