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Latino Daily News

Monday August 29, 2011

The Next Rave: Cigar Flavored Beer Using Cuban Espresso and Guavas

The Next Rave: Cigar Flavored Beer Using Cuban Espresso and Guavas

Photo: Cigar City Brewer

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For anyone that misses the Cuban mother land or the smells of Latin America we have the beer for you.  Image a beer that is brewed with Spanish cedar, you know the wood used in cigar boxes or used to wrap the cigars in.  But it doesn’t stop there the brewer then adds ingredients like guava and Cuban espresso to give you a Latino feel to your beer.

The Cigar City brewer out of Tampa, Florida is doing just that and is becoming quit successful at it.  The success of this creative brewer is bringing a lot of attention to ‘craft’ beer makers in the state.  Cigar City launched in 2009 and its success has encouraged seven other breweries to open around the state of Florida.

Few people know that Tampa’s nickname is “The Big Guava” so it only made sense to incorporate into it the brew mix but the Cuban heritage elements of roasted Cuban espresso coffee is what sets it apart.  And the owners of Cigar City have also tried brews with jalapenos and cocoa in them.

If you are aching for a Cigar Brew you might have to wait since there is limited distribution but you are welcome to visit their tap room and buy as much as you want.