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Latino Daily News

Friday August 6, 2010

The Mysterious Deaths of Prisoners In Puerto Rico Investigated

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has concluded its four year probe into prisoner deaths in Puerto Rico and what they have found is disturbing and calls for an investigation of possible human rights violations.

The homeless community of northwest Puerto Rico drew the attention of the ACLU to mysterious deaths happening at the local, minimum security, Guerrero jail in Aguadilla.  Their buddies were going in for minor offenses and not coming back out.  ACLU looked into the matter for four years and found that 53 deaths, had occurred between 2002 through 2008, of homeless drug users within the first week of their detainment.  The deaths remain a mystery since Puerto Rican prison officials never investigated. 

ACLU feels these individuals could have been saved with quick and proper medical care since none of them died from acts of violence.  The report, which can be accessed at the HSN Library, goes on to state that possible discrimination is occurring against the homeless addict population and that such individuals are being jailed for sleeping on the streets and panhandling instead of having social services provided for them by the Puerto Rican government


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