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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 22, 2010

The Mother Lode of All Lotteries – Spain’s Christmas $3 Billion Lottery

Spain likes to kick off its Christmas season in a unique way.  Today many Spaniards partake of the Christmas lottery also known as “El Gordo” (The Fat One) and with a $3 billion prize kitty it certainly is the Fat One.

The Spanish Christmas lottery, a tradition dating back to the 1800’s, is considered one of the world’s largest.  Unfortunately ‘El Gordo’ does not have a single winner but pays from a rather complicated numerics system.  A winning ticket can win anywhere from $26.31 up to $394,650.  The goal here is for the Spanish government to spread cheer and wealth as much as possible.

It takes three hour to read all the winning tickets and is televised nationwide to an anxious audience. The winning number 79250, guaranteeing a larger payout, was read earlier today – Buena Suerte.