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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 30, 2010

The Guatemalan Government Refuses to Give in to Prisoner’s Demands

A female prison official was kidnapped, tortured and killed as prison gangs continue to try to force officials to loosen prison rules.

A message left with the dismembered body read,” “This is happening because of the mistreatment and the injustices in the country’s jails. If you don’t do anything about these mistreatments, what happens from now on will be the fault of the government and the prison system, who are the ones abusing their authority.”

Earlier this year the Guatemalan government introduced stricter prison rules. Measures were taken to stop prisoners from performing criminal activities behind bars. The new rules prohibit parcels from being delivered to inmates as well as eliminating conjugal visits. Inmates are also moved from one prison to another more frequently.

The Interior ministry blames gangs for the violence and says their demands will not be met. Rather, the “savage way” in which they had acted would be met with a further increase in security checks at the country’s prisons


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