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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 11, 2011

The Border Dispute that Google Ignited between Costa Rica and Nicaragua Heading to UN Court

Though the San Juan River in Central America has been a source of dispute for centuries, it was Google’s Earth map system showing an erroneous border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua that really got things really riled up, in the 21st century.

Costa Rica is accusing Nicaragua of illegally posting troops on land by the San Juan River that is Costa Rican, and going forward with a canal project in the same area.  Nicaragua justified its actions claiming it used Google Earth Maps to plot where the water border between countries was.

Unfortunately, Google made a mistake, acknowledged it and immediately corrected it.  Regardless of that Nicaragua is keeping troops on that parcel of land and continues to dredge for the canal, therefore Costa Rica is going to the United Nations (UN) to have the issue resolved.

Costa Rica does not have a standing military so it can only have its border disputes solved through the United Nations courts.