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Latino Daily News

Friday October 21, 2011

Bieber in Latin America: Romancing Messi’s Old Flame & Personal Audience with Chávez’s Daughter

Bieber in Latin America: Romancing Messi’s Old Flame & Personal Audience with Chávez’s Daughter

Photo: Rosa Inés Chavez, Bieber, Macarena Lemos

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What’s a fact and what’s a rumor remains to be clarified, but let us walk you through the newest outbreaks of the unavoidable Bieber Fever in Latin America.

After inciting teenage riots with his dreamy teenage gaze, and that heart shaped hand gesture of his in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Perú, “El Biebersito” dazzled Venezuelans last Wednesday in another sold out show.

Reportedly, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala’s daughters went and enjoyed the Biebster’s show in Perú, but in Venezuela the First Teen went a step further, and talked the first lady into allowing her to receive the Canadian heartthrob at the airport upon arrival.

Rosa Inés Chávez, the teenage daughter of Hugo Chávez and her closest girlfriends were the only teens in Venezuela that were able to hug, kiss, take pictures and whatnot with Bieber while he was in Venezuela.

Watch Bieber’s best diplomat face below, Rosa Inés is on the right.


While in Argentina, Bieber might or might not have cheated on Selena Gómez, with a local model local newspapers are reporting.

Nothing is 100% confirmed, but it seems that after his concert, el Biebersito went back to his exclusive hotel, “Faena,” and saw a few local models conveniently dining there, one of which he reportedly “confused with an American.”

A series of October 12th tweets from the account of Model Macarena Lemos (Once linked to soccer star Lionel Messi) detail how señorito Justin sent one of his staff members to the model’s table, asking to speak with Macarena.

Bieber and Macarena apparently took off together, no one knows where.  The next tweet from Macarena just thanks Bieber, and then talks about going to see him the next day at his second concert, this time by personal invitation.

What happened in Buenos Aires, stays in Buenos Aires apparently.  If anything did happen it doesn’t seem to have affected Justin and Selena, who are currently together in Canada.  Apparently they rented out an entire multiplex to watch Reel Steel together last night.

Macarena Lemos opened a second Twitter account after the concert (we imagine she’s probably getting a few hate tweets), and on the second account tweeted “I am not seeing Justin. He was just there, we said hello, and that’s it.”

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