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Wednesday September 19, 2012

Thanks to Chicago’s Own Joe Moreno’s Chick-fil-A Promises to Love Gays (Sort of)

Thanks to Chicago’s Own Joe Moreno’s Chick-fil-A Promises to Love Gays (Sort of)

Photo: 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno

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Chicago’s 1st ward alderman Joe Moreno is now welcoming the fried chicken chain, Chick-fil-A and its artery choking sandwiches into his ward and for his constituents to enjoy.  The change of heart has come in great part after the restaurant included a “statement of respect for all sexual orientations,” and only after much urging from Moreno himself.  In addition Moreno is pleased that the company’s foundation, WinShape, has agreed according to a press release, not to contribute money to gay-bashing groups and those that oppose gay marriage.

Moreno who is Mexican-American, was elected to this very diverse ward in 2010 and in 2011 enjoyed 74% of his ward’s vote.  Interestingly his city bio says he’s a vegetarian, so no fried chicken sandwiches for him.

The Georgia-based restaurant chain has faced a backlash and negative publicity over its founder’s, Dan Cathy’s vocal opposition to same-sex marriage.  Certain legislators including Moreno did not want Chick-fil-A coming to their city espousing biased views. 

In a letter addressed to Alderman Moreno and signed by Chick-fil-A’s Senior Director of Real Estate, it states, “The WinShape Foundations is now taking a much closer look at the organizations it considers helping, and in that process will remain true to its stated philosophy of not supporting organizations with political agendas.” 

Winshape, a non-profit funded by Chick-fil-a, has donated millions of dollars to anti-LGBT groups, including some classified as hate groups.  In meetings the company executives clarified that they will no longer give to those anti-gay organizations.

Moreno, stated to the Chicago Tribune he feels affirmed of the company’s commitment to equal treatment for all, others may feel they were thrown a bone and a small one like a clavicle bone.


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