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Latino Daily News

Friday April 6, 2012

Thalia Returns to Telenovelas after Long Absence

Thalia Returns to Telenovelas after Long Absence

Photo: Thalia to return to telenovelas.

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Mexican singer and actress Thalia has recently accepted proposals to take up acting once again and return to where she first found success, telenovelas.

The main star of the old television drama Maria, la del Barrio had reportedly received multiple offers to return to telenovelas in the past years but none had meet her expectations. She only agreed after setting conditions of having enough time for her family and other professional activities.

Thalia’s novela, which will be produced by Roberto Gomez and Pedro Torres, was also reported to be an original story written for her. The story will apparently be a romantic comedy that will consist of 100 episodes, and there is still no news on who will be her romantic counterpart.

This is not the only career opportunity Thalia has accepted. She also plans to participate as a coach on the new televised music competition La Voz de Mexico, created by singer Lucero.