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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 5, 2013

Thalia Presents Fourth Book: “Chupie The Binky that Returned Home”

Popular Mexican singer and actress Thalia presented her fourth book, ““Chupie: The Binky that Returned Home,” which arose from her experience as a mother and from the cunning tales that all parents create to teach their children important lessons.

The illustrated book tells a sweet story about a very common experience for parents: dealing with the moment when their tots should stop using a pacifier.

“I wrote this story because I needed to. When my daughter Sabrina was 2 years old, the pediatrician told me it was time she quit using a pacifier because that could make her teeth crooked and even cause infections in her ears,” the popular singer said in an interview with Efe.

Thalia, who had already published two books dedicated to beauty and pregnancy as well as her autobiography “Growing Stronger,” said that when she realized it was impossible to convince her daughter to drop the pacifier, she got this brilliant idea.

“I had tried everything, but she kept wanting her pacifier. So that one night, about 2:00 in the morning, I heard her crying in her room because she couldn’t find it and I told her, ‘Pacifier misses its mom because they’re separated. Imagine if you and I were separated, and we couldn’t hug or give each other little kisses?’ and right then she told me ‘Mom! Take Pacifier to its mother!’ So I sent it to Binkyland, which is the home of the pacifiers,” the artist said.

These days, the composer of “A Quien Le Importa” and “Amor a la Mexicana” said, she is happy about the way her musical career is taking wing and even now she is working on several important recording projects.


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