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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 16, 2011

Texas Rangers Fans Say Gracias to Nelson Cruz

Texas Rangers Fans Say Gracias to Nelson Cruz

Photo: Nelson Cruz ALCS MVP

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The Texas Rangers are returning to the World Series some 50 years after their last appearance and much of that is due to their right-fielder Nelson Cruz.

The right-fielder not only helped the Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers, 15-5, in the last game of the series last night, he made history along the way. 

The Dominican native had 6 home runs in the 6 game series and 13 RBI’s which is record setting.  Cruz was also the first player to hit a game-ending grand slam in post-season history and the first player to hit a walk-off grand slam in a post season game.  In last nights game he scored a two-run homer.

Clearly the Tigers never figured out how to shut Cruz down and underestimated his underdog determination - he had been relegated to the minor leaguesby the Rangers just 3 ½ year ago as his career was languishing. 

For all his efforts Nelson Cruz, 31-years-old, won the American League Championship MVP award.  Watch Cruz’ six league home runs here