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Latino Daily News

Monday June 11, 2012

Texas Mother of 6 Dies After Being Accidentally Run Over by Daughter

Texas Mother of 6 Dies After Being Accidentally Run Over by Daughter

Photo: Texas Mother of 6 Dies After Being Run Over by Daughter

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A Wednesday night car accident has left 6 children without a mother.

Cherie Rangel, 30, reportedly asked one of her children to help her move her vehicle forward up the driveway of a house they were viewing. The child accidentally hit the gas pedal however, and ran Rangel over.

Wednesday, Rangel and her children arrived at a Jacinto City, TX home to view it. The mother had four of the six children get out of the car, while two, one 11 years old, remained inside. To allow a realtor to park behind her in the driveway, Rangel realized her SUV would have to be moved closer to the house.

Sgt. Dennis Walker to San Antonio’s KHOU:

So the mom started the van, placed the vehicle in drive, and as she stands outside the vehicle with the door open, she guides the vehicle slowly, let it coast on its own free will forward and tells her 11-year-old daughter—that’s sitting in the middle seat—‘when I tell you to, step on the brake.’

ImageRangel then told her daughter to step on the brake.

The girl steps on the biggest pedal that she sees—which is the gas—and that floored the vehicle, and when the vehicle took off at a high speed, it threw the mom backward underneath the back wheel, which drug her from the tree area all the way up into the house, in the den area.

The children watched helplessly as their mother died at the scene, with one child receiving minor injuries when she fell out of the vehicle.

Neighbors and those nearby lifted the vehicle off the mother and the children were taken to family members’ homes.

A medical examiner arrived a pronounced Rangel dead on the scene.

The family is now trying to figure out how to pay for the funeral and care for the children, which include an 11-month-old baby.

Rangel was a housewife who had just picked up a side job to help support the family. She was looking at the house as a possibility for her family, which she was hoping to move out of an apartment.

As for the children, Rangel’s sister-in-law says, “The kids were crying… They’re confused. They blame each other for what’s going on.”