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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 9, 2011

Texas Mexican Mafia Members Sentenced to Lengthy Federal Prison Terms

Texas Mexican Mafia Members Sentenced to Lengthy Federal Prison Terms

Photo: Texas Mexican Mafia Members Sentenced

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United States Attorney Robert Pitman announced that in Del Rio this week, five Texas Mexican Mafia members were sentenced to lengthy federal prison terms for committing various federal racketeering offenses committed in Uvalde, Eagle Pass, Del Rio and the surrounding area.  The conviction terms ranged from 121 months to 300 months in federal prison.

Testimony during trial revealed that these individuals, conspired to conduct the affairs of the Texas Mexican Mafia through a pattern of racketeering activity, which included murder, solicitation of murder, drug trafficking, and extortion. The extortion took the form of coercive collection of a 10 percent drug tax, also known as “the dime,” from drug distributors known to the members of the criminal enterprise. Collection was enforced by robbery, serious bodily injury, or other acts of violence, including death.

The Texas Mexican Mafia was formed in the early 1980’s by inmates in the Texas prison system. Over the years, the gang has expanded its efforts to promote widespread criminal activity through extortion, narcotics trafficking, and violent crime. Also known as “La Eme” or “Mexikanemi,” the organization has been the subject of numerous federal indictments in the Western District of Texas since 1991. This investigation, however, is the first to directly target the gang’s machinery operating along the Texas-Mexico international border in the cities of Eagle Pass, Del Rio, Crystal City, Carrizo Springs, Uvalde, Sabinal, and Hondo.


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