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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 5, 2014

Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Brags of His Appeal to Latinos

Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Brags of His Appeal to Latinos

Photo: Greg Abbott

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who won Tuesday’s Republican gubernatorial primary, said that the values of the Latino community match perfectly with those of U.S. conservatives.

“We have a huge trend of doubling my support in the Hispanic community,” he told reporters after casting his ballot.

He voted in the primaries at a church in south Austin accompanied by his Latina wife and the couple’s daughter.

Latinos are responding to his message because he emphasizes values such as faith, family and “the freedom of each individual to start a business and have a better education,” he said.

Abbott spoke of his “natural connection with Hispanics” in the form of his marriage to a granddaughter of Mexican immigrants.

If Abbott becomes governor in 2015, his wife Cecilia will become the only Latina first lady in Texas history.

“I am multi-cultural by choice,” Abbott said, “and this choice is one that is proving to be a genuine connection not only with me as a family but also with the Republican party and Hispanic community in particular in the State of Texas. This will matter with regard to winning this election, but more importantly to winning the next generation.”


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