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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Texas Gov. Perry Invites Falcon Lake Widow to State Address as He Speaks of Border Security

At Texas’ State of the State Address, Gov. Rick Perry chose an interesting guest to join him as he spoke on the issue of border security.

This past fall, Tiffany Hartley’s husband was allegedly murdered by Mexican pirates while the Hartley’s rode Jet Skis at Texas’ Falcon Lake. The area sits between Texas and Mexico.

When the Falcon Lake incident happened, many questioned the credibility of Hartley, because at first, there were no witnesses, and David Hartley’s body was never found, but a witness finally came forward.

After the address, Hartley spoke with reporters about the need for greater security at the border saying, ““I feel Gov. Perry is right alongside what I’m fighting for today — that what happened to David brings some light to what’s happening on our border. These people are killing our citizens.”

Hartley is under less scrutiny these days, but says she no feels ignored by officials in Washington who she said need to “stand up and do something.”

While initially, Mexican officials doubted Hartley’s story, when the lead Mexican police commander was beheaded, they understood the seriousness.