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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 30, 2010

UPDATE: 15 DREAMers Arrested on Day 20 of Hunger Strike

UPDATE: Monday, after refusing to leave, 15 DREAM Act demonstrators were arrested for criminal trespassing outside the offices of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in San Antonio, Texas. Among those arrested were a former city councilwoman, a Methodist minister and a number of students donning graduation caps.

Wanting to speak to the senator, and being denied, the protesters camped outside the office for nine hours until the police arrived and began arresting people. While the senator did not want them to be arrested, the owner of the building did.

Several of the students arrested were part of the hunger strike that began 20 days ago in an attempt to pressure Hutchison into supporting the DREAM Act.


ORIGINAL: The University of Texas, San Antonio students are on their 19th day of a hunger strike to bring attention and action on the DREAM Act.  The students have also called for a ‘Community Action’ and plan to protest in front of Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.  The DREAM Act if legislated would allow thousands of undocumented college students to remain in the country if they meet certain eligibility criteria. 

The Senator has been the focus of the students ire since she once supported the bill and now does not, opposing it last September when the issue came before the Senate.  Now they want to face her head on tomorrow when they gather at her San Antonio office at noon.