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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 2, 2011

Terror at ‘Critical Mass’ Event in Porto Alegre, Brazil (VIDEO)

In the most demented case of road rage we’ve seen in a while, Brazilian Ricardo José Neis rammed a large group of bikers with his VW Golf.

Several cities of the world transform the last Friday of every month onto a mass bike-riding event that also functions as an anti-car protest of sorts.

But the reasons to protest against cars could not have been more accurately exemplified by driver Ricardo Neis, who following an alleged discussion with bikers who allegedly threatened him, decided to turn the ton and a half Volkswagen Golf he was driving, into a weapon and rammed it against the bike traffic at a considerable speed.

The shocking scenes show just how deliberate and senselessly Neis simply runs over tens of bikers, who fly over and around his car.

Amazingly, nobody was seriously injured, and the dozen victims of Neis “Self Defense” act against one or two threat issuers all walked out of the hospital hours after the incident.