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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 31, 2011

Tequila Party to Host Their First Political Rally in Tucson, Arizona

The newly minted ‘Tequila Party’ movement is ready to issue a wake-up call to the Latino voting bloc.  The nonpartisan movement that launched on Cinco de Mayo wants to make sure all 20 million Hispanics eligible to vote – vote. 

In short order the movement announced their first political rally and Latin Get-Out-the-Vote event that is to be held in Tucson, Arizona.  One of their stated goals with this initiative is to counter negative views and perceptions of the Latino culture with positive ones as they register new Latin voters in “droves” for primary election day as well as general election day.

The Tea Party chose Tucson as the site of their first political rally because of the controversy in the city over banning of ethnic studies in the classrooms. 

The rally is June 4th and in keeping with their ‘fun’ promise there will be mariachi’s, Aztec dancers and lots of food and drink.

“The movement is important because it unites efforts from the two major parties and others who want to get involved on issues that their party is not dealing with or their party may be in disapproval of,” founder Fernando Romero told CNN. “This is a collective resolution for the Hispanic community. To this moment I have not received any negative feedback.”