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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 15, 2011

Tensions High in Greece over Building Anti-Immigrant Fence

Tensions High in Greece over Building Anti-Immigrant Fence

Photo: Riots in Greece

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Over 1000 people marched in Athens Greece to protest the controversial plan to build a fence at the border with Turkey to stop illegal immigrants from entering Greece. “Over 100 members of neo-Nazi groups and about 200 local residents attacked the leftists and other protesters with stones. The police used several rounds of teargas and flash grenades,” a police official said.

An estimated half a million illegal immigrants and asylum seekers live in the Mediterranean state of about 11 million inhabitants, many of them in Athens, and an increasing share of those trying to reach the EU come in through Greece.

A poll conducted by the Alco poling group for the Thema Newspaper showed today that 73% of those responding support the plan to build a 12.5 km ( 7.7 miles) fence at the border with Turkey.

Greece has a growing Muslim population and tensions between the locals and immigrants have been escalating.