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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 8, 2013

Telemundo’s “La Impostora” Being Filmed in Central Mexico

Telemundo’s “La Impostora” Being Filmed in Central Mexico

Photo: "La Impostora"

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A ranch near the central Mexican city of Cuernavaca is the setting for scenes currently being filmed for the telenovela “La Impostora,” a story of two-faced lies produced by Telemundo and Argos.

The series, which will have 120 episodes, tells the story of Blanca Guerrero (Lisette Morelos), a beautiful waitress who has a knack for impersonation.

A businessman hires Blanca to pretend to be a wealthy New York investor for the purpose of infiltrating the Altamira family to discover the whereabouts of the businessman’s missing son.

The plot thickens when Blanca falls in love with Eduardo Altamira (Sebastian Zurita), son of Raquel Altamira (Christian Bach).

“It’s a pure, classic melodrama of emotions and passion, with a touch of the thriller,” Bach, Zurita’s mother in real life as well, told Efe.

Raquel Altamira is “a woman moved by resentment, who has always fought for her loved ones,” said the 54-year-old Argentine actress, for whom roles as the evil one are always the most fun.

“As the evil person you enjoy the whole novela and pay for it in the last two episodes, while the good girl suffers and suffers. As an actor you always want to play a part as different from yourself as possible, so if you’re a psychopath, something that makes you do something really different, that’s the most fun,” she said.


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