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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 21, 2011

Telemundo Debuts First Bilingual Action-Drama “RPM Miami”

Telemundo Debuts First Bilingual Action-Drama “RPM Miami”

Photo: RPM Miami

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Telemundo and mun2 have partnered to bring the first English-Spanish action drama about Miami’s underground car racing scene.

“It is designed for the new multicultural American audience. We hope it will grow and that we will be able to cater to this new growing audience in the United States,” said the executive producer, Alonso Galvez.

The show is shot in South Florida, and though it may be about cars and the macho men behind the steering wheel, it is said to have telenovela roots, so you can expect fragile and vulnerable characters by day who are bad decision-making tough crazy daredevils by night.

Adrian Bellani, plays Alejandro, who returns from Iraq to enter the world of Miami underground street racing, hoping to learn more about his father’s disappearance. He’s joined by pop star Frankie J as Ramon, who owns the RPM shop, and Fernanda Romero as Luisa, a single mother whose husband died in Iraq.

“This is the first of a kind,” said Mexican born R&B singer Frankie J., who plays the owner of the RPM car shop in the 13 episode series, “We are making history here.”

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