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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 28, 2012

Teen Lesbian Couple Shot in Portland, Texas Park – One Dies

Teen Lesbian Couple Shot in Portland, Texas Park – One Dies

Photo: Lesbian Teen Couple Shot, One Dies

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Two teenagers who were allegedly dating each other were found shot in the head in Violet Andrews Park in Portland, Texas this past weekend.  Although still under investigation, this violent crime has caused many to wonder if the girls’ sexual orientation had anything to do with the shootings.

“This particular case, it does have some of the earmarks of a targeted attack,” said Portland Police Chief Randy Wright.  Yet, murders are rare in this town of 16,000, which is located just north of Corpus Christi.  The last occurred two years ago according to Wright. 

Both victims were shot late Friday night or possibly early Saturday morning however they were not found until about 9am Saturday.  Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, did not survive the shootings; however the other victim, Mary Christine Chapa, 18, is reportedly in stable condition and improving. 

According to witnesses a dark colored vehicle was spotted leaving the scene.  Yet, this along with shell casings left at the scene are the few clues detectives will use to piece this mystery together.  Police are waiting until Chapa’s condition improves before she is questioned about the attack. 

Family and friends, shocked and devastated, are trying to determine what could have caused such a horrific crime.  Samantha Garrett, Olgin’s roommate told local news KTLA, “I’ve been trying to think of anybody I know that would try and hurt them for any reason – especially them being a couple, and not one person has ever come to mind.”