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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 31, 2011

Tecate Wins Out Over Bud Light in the Robot World (VIDEO)

Tecate Wins Out Over Bud Light in the Robot World (VIDEO)

Photo: Robots Like Tecate

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Clearly the brainiac’s at Trossen Robotics didn’t know how to entertain their robotic creation call Darwin-OP the Humanoid, so they decided to see what his artificial intelligence would tell them about beer preferences.

Watch the video when Darwin has to choose between Tecate and Bud Light.  He clearly prefers the Mexican brewer hands down.  It’s kind of creepy when the robo-boozer shakes his head when presented with Bud Light and even creepier when he trots over to his beloved Tecate.

Is this what the gifted and bright do with their time??  And I’m not talking about the robot here.  Incidentally if you need a classy and unique drinking buddy that likes Mexican beer, Darwin can be all yours for about $12,000.

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