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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 20, 2011

Tecate Beer to Advertise in English for the First Time

Tecate Beer, for the first time, will advertise in English in a new marketing effort to reach all Hispanic males, not just Mexican male immigrants in the U.S..

The company’s new “Celebration” campaign has a party theme and leaves behind the serious tones of its prior ad campaigns targeting the hard-working Mexican male immigrant in the U.S.  The new outreach says have fun, lets party and according to Tecate humorously portrays the “ingenuity, valor and determination” of all Hispanic men.

Tecate’s decision to broaden its consumer base comes from the fact that Mexican male immigrants represent less than 10% of the entire Hispanic U.S. population.  Whereas most of the growth in the Hispanic demographic is expected to come from second-and third-generation Latinos, who prefer English. 

Nonetheless, the majority of ‘Celebration’ ads will be in Spanish and on Spanish-language media sites.  The English version will be tested in select markets that reflect more acculturated, bilingual Hispanic locales like San Antonio.  If the English-language ads are successful the company will roll more out.