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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 25, 2011

Tecate Beer Bust in Los Angeles Gets 3 Teens in A Lot of Trouble

Tecate Beer Bust in Los Angeles Gets 3 Teens in A Lot of Trouble

Photo: Tecate Beer Bust in Covina California

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This week in odd news has a Tecate beer bust getting three local California teens in a lot of legal hot water.  It all started when three Covina 19-year-olds decided they needed a 30-pack of Tecate beer no matter what.

Two of the teens entered the Baja Ranch Market on Wednesday in the afternoon and run out with the 30-pack but were chased by very dedicated employees.  One teen ran was caught by the employees right away.

The other teen got into the get away car driven by the third Tecate-loving teenager.  But one of those loyal employees leaped onto the hood of the car but was eventually thrown off when the teenagers crashed the car.  Then the two teens decided to make a run for it right through the neighboring car wash.

One made a successful get away and the other washed himself in the car wash while police patiently waited for him on the other side.  The third teen that got away eventually turned himself in.

Now, Andy Huynh, Nicholas Kalscheuer and Nicholas Fiumetto are all facing charges or robbery (30-pack of Tecate), assault with a deadly weapon (the car flinging the employee of the hood) and resisting arrest (hiding in the car wash).  They sit in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail all for a $16.99, 30-pack of Tecate – not worth it we say and stupid – o for sure.