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Latino Daily News

Monday April 11, 2011

Tallest Lego Tower in the World Built in Brazil

Tallest Lego Tower in the World Built in Brazil

Photo: Brazil soccer Legend Cafu, with the top Lego brick.

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ImageStanding at 102.32 feet, the tower erected in a Sao Paulo, Brazil mall breaks the previous record set in Santiago de Chile by just under 10 inches!

It took four days, about 6,000 children and half a million blocks, to build the now tallest lego tower ever built. A crane lifted and stacked a series of smaller structures, built by the kids, and former soccer star Cafú, put the last block on top.

Lego director in Brazil , Roberio Esteves, said building the largest tower involved a great deal of teamwork.

“This is a very interactive event where families take part, schools take part… We promote teamwork in order to reach our main objective, which is to establish Brazil as the country that holds the record of the Lego tower,” he said.

Building Lego towers became popular in 1988 when London built the world’s first. Since then, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo and Munich have held the tallest tower record, at one point or another.