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Latino Daily News

Friday February 18, 2011

WOW - Award Winning Idea for a Migrant Worker House of Tomorrow

It’s expensive, and it could be a while before we see them populating our migrant-rich landscapes. But it is a really nifty idea, and we certainly hope the housing of the future for all migrants looks like this!


The structure would be 800 square feet—about the size of a small one-bedroom apartment—with an “elastic, expanding exterior skin” designed to collect, store, and distribute storm water. Rubber “canteens” in the skin would gather water and swell as they fill up, then route the water to an irrigation infrastructure.


(The “skin” before swelling)


(...And after)


The skin would hold 34,000 gallons of water at a time—enough to irrigate almost 50 acres for nearly a month during cultivation season.

The idea, would be to build clusters of these, thus creating rainfall-capturing sustainable communities for migrant farm workers.