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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 10, 2011

Take a Peek Into Salma Hayek’s Super Busy 2011

With the exception of playing Adam Sandler’s wife in Grown up, things had been relatively slow for the Mexican actress/producer, Salem Hayek, since Ugly Betty was taken off the air.

But her schedule for 2011, boy we sure don’t envy it. Or do we?

In March Hayek is due to begin shooting a high-octane comedy for Sony called Here Comes the Boom. The plot revolves around a physics teacher named Scott (Played by “King of Queens” Kevin James) who competes in UFC mixed martial arts brawls to save his school’s music program.

Hayek will also soon star in the next venture of director Alex de la Iglesia, a flick called La Chispa de la Vida (The Spark of Life). Hayek will star along side Willy Toledo, Javier Gutierrez, Jose Mota, Juan Luis Galiardo and Santiago Segura in the film that will be shot in Madrid.

“La Chispa…” tells the story of Roberto, the currently out-of-work ad creative, who in his golden years coined of the slogan ‘la chispa de la vida’ for the soda-pop giant Coca-Cola. Broke and snubbed by every agency where he applies for a job, everything changes when he suffers a terible accident that has him hanging between life and death. The project is said to be still in the writing and preparation stages.

Wild Roses, Tender Roses  is another production set to start filming this year. In it, Hayek will star alongside Johnny Depp who will play the role of Pancho Villa.

Beyond acting, Hayek’s production company Ventanazul is producing the film Diego Asending written by Ligiah Villalobos and to be directed by Rodrigo Garcia. Ventanazul is also developing the comedy Bones Family and an adaptation of the novel The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran.

All that on top of her television venture, the 8 hour mini-series Wicked for ABC.

….and Top Gear calls Mexicans lazy. Yeah? Is Kate Winslet’s agenda this busy?


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